South Island Ceroc Championships
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Competition Date:
Saturday 24th April 2010 (ANZAC Weekend)

The Lion Foundation Arena, The Edgar Center, Dunedin.



South Island Champs 2010 Final Results

Freestyle - Beginner
1st         76: Maurice Pomare (Rotorua) & Amy Towle (Rotorua)                           
2nd       95: Michael Harland (Whakatane) & Amber Hutchings (Whakatane)             
3rd        115: Alex Bailey (Christchurch) & Jessica Stenberg (Christchurch)

Freestyle - Intermediate
1st         52: Tim Baker (Christchurch) & Lisa McKechie (Christchurch)               
2nd       32: Sean O'Connell (Christchurch) & Kate Herdman (Christchurch)               
3rd        8: Dayan Muntz (Christchurch) & Becky Bulman (Christchurch)

Freestyle - Advanced A
1st         131: Rob Pearce (East & South) & Hannah Honey (East & South)            
2nd       120: Mike Stanford (Akl Central) & Wendy Stanton (Akl Central)             
3rd        56: Royce Lovelock (Kapi-Hutt) & Catherine Wilson (Kapi-Hutt)

Freestyle - Advanced B
1st         40: Tom Campbell (Dunedin) & Danielle Hoult (Dunedin)                      
2nd       17: Brett Bensemann (Tauranga) & Brynja Bell (Tauranga)                          
3rd        117: Roy Adams (Akl Central) & Jennifer Kerr (Akl Central)

Freestyle - Advanced Open
1st         56: Royce Lovelock (Kapi-Hutt) & Catherine Wilson (Kapi-Hutt)               
2nd       46: Ross Adlam (Wellington) & Anne Robb (Wellington)                       
3rd        2: John Hughes (Christchurch) & Tania Rohleder (Christchurch)      


DWAS - Beginner
Men          1st         76: Maurice Pomare (Rotorua)                     
Men          2nd       95: Michael Harland (Whakatane)
Men          3rd        115: Alex Bailey (Christchurch)                                                                                         
Women     1st         75: Amy Towle (Rotorua) 
Women     2nd       99: Lisa Gebbels (Kapi-Hutt)
Women     3rd        116: Jessica Stenberg (Christchurch)    

DWAS - Intermediate
Men          1st         86: John Mills (Wellington)
Men          2nd       21: Tyler Sharpe (Tauranga)     
Men          3rd        52: Tim Baker (Christchurch)                                                                                             
Women     1st         85: Mahalia Mills (Wellington)  
Women     2nd       158: Fiona Thomson (Kapi-Hutt)   
Women     3rd        31: Kate Herdman (Christchurch)             

DWAS - Advanced
Men          1st         56: Royce Lovelock (Kapi-Hutt)    
Men          2nd       2: John Hughes (Christchurch) 
Men          3rd        131: Rob Pearce (East & South)                                                                                         
Women     1st         119: Wendy Stanton (Akl Central)   
Women     2nd       130: Hannah Honey (East & South)  
Women      3rd       166: Deb Robinson (Christchurch) 


Teams - Open
1st         303: MJ Tribute (East & South) 
2nd       302: Bad Influence (Dunedin) 
3rd        304: Minnie Does the Blues (Christchurch)                                                                                                
Showcase - Open
1st         Phantom of the Opera: Peter Williams & Sara McInally (Kapi-Hutt)                    
2nd       The Name's Bond: Ross Craigie & Nikita Brown (Waitakere) 
3rd       Footloose: Scott Paynter & Deb Robinson (Christchurch)   


Fun Events - Battle of the Sexes
1st         39: Max Stott (Wellington) & Tony Wakelin (Wellington)                   
2nd       16: Sarah Morrison (Tauranga) & Brynja Bell (Tauranga)                          
3rd        161: Sheree McPherson (Dunedin) & Raewyn Hotton (Dunedin)

Fun Events - Triples
1st         168: Ben Plows-Kolff (Chch), Fiona Carmen (Dunedin) & Nicola Clarke (Dunedin)
2nd       27: Tony McCarthy , Lisa Robinson & Lauren Wadsworth (Dunedin)
3rd        25: Jeremy Scarle, Sophie Bishop & Christine Berridge (Taranaki)

Fun Events - Youth
1st         113: Jason Rippon (Christchurch) & Lucy Smith (Christchurch)                  
2nd       92: Alice Gordon (Waitakere) & Caitlin Gordon (Waitakere)                   
3rd        36: Nicholas Barnes (Christchurch) & Carien van der Colff (Christchurch)

Fun Events - Senior
1st         39: Max Stott (Wellington) & Louise Peters (Wellington)                    
2nd       122: Gordon Chase (East & South) & Lee Edmands (East & South)
3rd       55: Ray Wolken (Kapi-Hutt) & Linda Reed (Kapi-Hutt)


Thanks to everyone for coming to compete and/or support the dancers. We had a wonderful weekend.
We look forward to seeing you all again at the 2012 South Island Champs in Christchurch!


Special Guests – Canadian West Coast Swing Champions & You Tube Sensation
Myles Munroe and Tessa Cunningham!

Myles and Tessa will be performing during our Champs event and will teach Performance moves, Tricks and Aerials Workshops on Sunday 25th

Myles and Tessa are also available for a limited number of private lessons.

Check out Myles and Tessa’s latest routine on You Tube:


MC for the night is "Dancing with the Stars" champion Aaron Gilmore, Aaron will also be performing during the night with fellow professional dance partner Lauren James.

See Aaron dance on TV One "Good Morning" show


Here is Aaron in action on "Dancing With The Stars":



Discounted accommodation has been arranged with Living Space Hotels and Apartments – Dunedin
for just $89 / night. Contact James Lund directly on 03 951 5004 and quote “Ceroc Dunedin”
to receive this special rate.

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